Rizal's Tallest Monument


Exactly one and a half months before June 19, 2011, Roces delivered the 22 ft statue and placed it on its revered pedestal in a newly acquired 6.7-hectare property in front of our Calamba City Hall.  The granite pedestal adds 7.87 feet to the total height of the monument while the 15-step circular base adds another 13.12 feet, bringing the monument’s total height to an imposing 43 feet with an approximate weight of 2 tons.

June 19 dawned with the soft drizzle of rain. The day that leads the entire city to honor our most important contribution to Philippine history.  With a hush of anticipation and to the soft strains of the Calamba hymn, President Benigno S. Aquino III tugged at the ropes which parted the green curtains and unveiled our humble tribute to our glorious kababayan.

The new Rizal monument is the newest tourist and historical landmark not only in the city but in the entire country.  Pending its official proclamation as the tallest statue of Jose Rizal in the world, it is very well the newest pilgrim site for people around the globe who have been inspired and enlightened by our hero’s ideals and writings.

To ensure the correctness of the statue’s features and its strict conformity to the guidelines on statues and monuments set by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP), NHCP Executive Director Ludovico Baduy assisted in monitoring the statue’s construction. Arch. Reynaldo Lita of NHCP and the Executive Committee frequently visited Roces in his Marikina workshop to check the progress of the statue and made sure that the statue’s features were as close as possible to the real Jose Rizal’s likeness.

The greatness of this monument is equaled only by the depth of each Calambeños’ commitment to perpetuate the legacy of our greatest kababayan for the whole world to see and for the future generations to treasure. 



Giant Claypot - BANGA


From the window of the Rizal Shrine, one can view a Calamba landmark, constructed in 1937, to illustrate the folk tale of how the town got its name. A giant 12-meter high clay pot engraved with the names of the barangays of Calamba stands in the center of the plaza. Early settlers claim the city’s name stemmed from the words Kalan and Banga, meaning clay stove and clay pot. The high-grade clay in the town’s lakeshore has made pottery a livelihood for many of its residents. The clay pot is now the city’s official symbol.

St. John the Baptist Church



Located at the corner of Mercado and JP Rizal Streets, the Church of St. John the Baptist stands right across the Rizal Shrine, Built in the 19th century, it was here, on June 22, 1861, where Padre Rufino Collantes baptized Jose Rizal three days after his birth. 




The mysterious granite cinder block of Rockpoint looks like an ancient spearhead from the hills in the resort town of Pansol. The locals say that no amount of digging or hammering over the years could demolish this pointed rock.

Petty John Studio


Pottery making is an important source of livelihood in Laguna. John Lorenzo Pettyjohn and wife Tessy belong to an emerging generation of artist-potters who are reviving the traditional methods of pottery making, fusing them with contemporary styles of Asian and Western ceramics. From mostly functional gas-fired stoneware and porcelain, the Petty John are now experimenting with wood-and-salt firing. 

Address: 37 Purok 5 Bucal, Calamba City, Laguna

Hot Springs


Calamba City, now considered the "Hot Spring Capital of the Country" offers the best resort accommodations with modern facilities and amenities. it is known as a good hideaway for pleasure and relazation for people wanting to put a hold or escape their present pressure. Most of the resorts are located in Barangay Pansol, Bagong Kalsada and Bucal, all adjacent to Los Baños where Mt. Makiling silently resides.

 See RESORTS DIRECTORY for lists of names and other information about resorts and private pools operating in the city. 

Lakefront Area


Calamba City situated along Laguna de Bay takes advantage of its opportunities. All year round, tourists are attracted to the famous Wonder Island, set in the middle of the lake. This provides not only picturesque view but more so private jet-ski facilities and boat sailing thrills. 

Eco-Tourism Sites


Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve serves the interest of adventurous people who love mountain, climbing, bird watching, nature gazing and camping. Mt, Makiling with its foot resting on the side of the city is the best venue for such gratification. 

And for those plant lovers, ornamental gardens are abounding in Barangays Real, Pansol and Bagong Kalsada. They sell different kinds of plants, compost, fertilizers, pots, tools, and landscaping products.