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Department Head  : Ms. Ednalina S. Masongsong
Location               : Left Wing, Ground Floor, New City Hall of Calamba
Office #s              : (049) 545-6789 loc 8115/8117
Email Address       : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


     - Responsible for the civil registration program of the local government unit, pursuant to Civil Registry Law, the Civil Codes, and other pertinent laws, rules, and regulations issued to implement them.


1. To develop plans and strategies and implement the same upon approval of the City Mayor, civil registry programs and projects which the mayor is empowered to implement which the Sanggunian is empowered to provide;
2. To accept and transcribe all registrable documents and judicial decrees affecting the status of persons;
3. To coordinate with the National Statistic Office in conducting educational campaigns for vital registration and assist in the preparation of demographics and other statistics for the local government unit.



W1 - BREQS (Batch Request System)
- Birth P 215
- Marriage P 215
- Death P 215
- CENOMAR P 270 (Valid for 2 months)
W2 - Endorsement
- NSO negative 
- Local Copy of document 
- Fees:    P 180
W3 - Registration of Certificate of Live Birth (On time and Delayed)
> Birth should be registered within 30 days after birth
Delayed registration requirements:
- Negative from NSO 
- Valid supporting documents that show the name, date of birth, place of birth and the name of parents of child 
- Marriage Contract of parents
If not married:
- Sworn Statement of mother 
- Personal appearance of the father 
- Residence certificate and valid ID of father 
- Fees: P 130
W4 - Legal Instrument
> RA 9255 (An Act of Allowing the Illegitimate Child to Use the Surname of the Father)
Requirements: (2 days processing)
- Child’s Birth Certificate 
- Valid ID of parents and Residence Certificate
- for unknown father: Affidavit of acknowledgment
> Supplemental Report
- NSO Copy of the document 
- Affidavit of supplemental report 
- Valid Documents to prove his/her claim 
- Residence certificate
> Legitimation
- NSO copy of Birth 
- NSO copy of Marriage Contract 
- Joint Affidavit of Legitimation 
- CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) both parents 
- Residence Certificate
W5 - Receiving/Releasing of Requested Certification and Certified
- True Copy of Civil Registry documents 
- Fees: P 40
W6 and W7 - Application for Marriage License
- Birth certificate 
- CENOMAR (valid for 2 months)
- Family Planning Seminar (Every Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 8am to 12nn, at the 3rd Flr, Right Wing, City Population Office, Calamba City Hall)
- Counseling 
- Advice from parents (age 21-24) 
- Consent from father (age 18-20) 
- Fees: P40
Other Services:
> Registration of Death
- Deaths should be registered within 30 days
> Registration of Certificate of Marriage
- Marriage should be registered within 15 days
> Court Decrees
- Certified true copy of Court Order 
- Certified true copy of the Certificate of Finality 
- Affected documents
> RA 9048
> Change of First Name
Requirements: (3 to 4 months processing)
- NSO Copy of the Certificate of Live Birth 
- Supporting Documents such as Baptismal, School Records, Employment records, Voter’s Affidavit, ID 
- Clearances: police clearance, NBI clearance, and Employment certification or Affidavit of non-employment 
- Newspaper Publication for two consecutive weeks 
- Affidavit of publication from the publisher 
- Residence certificate 
- Filling Fee P 3,000 
- Migrant Fee P 1,000
> Correction of Clerical Error
Requirements: (3 to 4 months processing)
- NSO Copy documents to be corrected 
- Supporting Documents such as Baptismal, School Records, Employment records, Voter’s Affidavit, ID 
- Other documents: Birth certificate of parents, Marriage contract of parents Birth of brothers and sisters or birth of siblings 
- Residence certificate 
- Filling Fee P 1,000 
- Migrant Fee P 500


October : Free Birth Registration (age below 17 years old) every Tuesday in cooperation with the DSWD in Celebration of Children’s Month

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